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Room acoustic corrector

Fulgor Service offers an acoustically performing sound-absorbing panel on small and large surfaces, which can be aesthetically integrated into the style of the room, with the function of controlling the acoustic reverberation “without being noticed”.
Controltec ™ is available in various formats and can be customized in style, color and reproduced image.
The material of which it is composed is fire resistant, does not pulverize, does not suffer shocks and blows and is totally inert to chemical / physical aggressions. The installation does not require specialized workers, the panels are easily removable and require no maintenance.

Some considerations

Any sound source that is emitted in a closed environment has a natural interaction with it.
In fact, the behavior of a sound is highly dependent on the environment that surrounds it; just think of the difference in perception that you have when you are in the open air (many sounds but without echoes, or almost) in which you have a feeling of amplitude and spatiality, or in a closed environment of reduced dimensions (at home , an office where there are very few refractions and collected sounds) where the feeling is of “intimacy” or, again, a large environment like a Church (few but reverberating sounds) where a feeling of “sacredness” is perceived precisely because (or thanks) of the sounds that surround us, full of “coloring” due to the reflection of the same.

In a closed environment the behavior of a sound source, we said, is strongly linked to the conformation of the structure and the type of materials and furnishings that compose it.


Acoustic correction

A sound emitted in a closed environment propagates omnidirectionally and punctiformly reaching at first (direct sound) all surfaces, and then (indirect sound) a part of its energy is returned (with a reflection angle that depends on the arrival incidence) proportionally to the absorption factor, or to the ability to absorb or reflect, of the material of which the surface is composed, this factor is defined as ?.
It is evident that, for a good understanding of speech, it is necessary to have few reflected sounds (intervening with a structural acoustic correction) to avoid sound overlaps, or a very high ratio between direct sound and reflected sound (intervening with an audio system); be careful, however, not to exaggerate either with one solution or with the other, since if on the one hand an anechoic environment (without echoes) is ideal for understanding speech, on the other it is bad for reproduction of a musical sound like a choral or an organ; in a Church a compromise must always be reached in which the reverberation time RT is reduced to a level that is suitable and satisfactory both for the correct reproduction of speech and music.
After an in-depth environmental analysis and a precise calculation of the needs encountered, Fulgor Service will be able to develop a detailed report, proposing the most suitable solution.
With the panel in Controltec ™ (polyester fiber with high soundproofing power) for the acoustic correction, therefore, the reverberation that generates noise in the rooms can be corrected, ensuring their acoustic comfort.


Where to use it

In churches it finds its most complete field of application but it is also very useful in gyms, showrooms, conference rooms with large free surfaces on the wall and ceiling that reflect the sound wave.


Total freedom of finishing

All formats are printable with solid color finishes, patterns or images. Upon request it is also possible to print personalized images.




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