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Multifunction digital processors

Fulgor Service's digital audio processors with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) processors are classified as professional.

Professional audio processors have multiple processing sections inside: matrix, equalizers, filters, auto gain, antilarsen, delay lines, presets, etc. etc. Perfect to be inserted in series in entry level audio systems. In common with the most prestigious cousins they share several processing sections.

Parametric equalizers and filters section

These processors provide multi-band parametric equalizer with, if necessary, two additional high / low pass filters on each line output. The management of the equalizers is easy and intuitive thanks also to the graphic mode of the control software.


Antilarsen or feedback suppressor section

Within this section we find two possible antilarsen systems, in reality they are two algorithms for controlling feedback. Both sophisticated, expressly designed to reduce the acoustic feedback between microphones and speakers to avoid the so-called Larsen effect. Unlike other feedbacks, these algorithms are specific to speech. The work process as the effectiveness changes considerably compared to those who work with notch filters, we explain why: notch filter systems work when a certain frequency reaches a predetermined level which is a larsen and at that moment intervenes (at that point the system has already whistled and often in reverberant environments another frequency starts). Our antilarsen systems are phase shift or frequency shift, unlike the former they are always active, in operation we have a constant gain that can be obtained thanks to this feedback which will depend on the environment and the system in which it is used , which will vary from 3 to 6dB. The algorithm leaves the voice signal unchanged without introducing any distortion or limitation of the frequency response. These particular types of antilarsen are the most effective in churches, conference rooms or councils and are the most suitable when most of the use of the professional audio system is speech.


Delay Lines Section

On the line outputs present in the processor we find a sound delay that can be activated with settings expressed in meters. This feature allows you to temporally "align" the speakers or speaker lines placed with respect to the main or reference front line. Thanks to this technology, in most professional audio systems we improve speech intelligibility and eliminate the unwelcome comb effect.


Inputs and Noise Gate section

In the division of the input signals, where the software can be used to decide the level, line, mute, phase, etc., we also find the audio signal compressors, which can be activated with independent configurable parameters, while only in the outputs we find the noise gate section, useful for automatically closing the desired output, when we decide, through the control parameters expressed in dB, that no signal must pass through that output if it does not reach at least a set parameter.

These professional audio processors are suitable for various installations, medium level in: churches, conference rooms, multimedia rooms, multifunctional buildings, places of worship and theaters, bingo, commercial installations, hotels. They remain particularly suitable when the customer wants to improve the audio system, perhaps analog, without excessive expense.