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Portable audio systems processional

Fulgor Service was among the first companies to deal in a professional way with the complicated theme of portable audio systems. Since 1987 it has been the subject of studies, to date the company boasts a respectable background.

Many wonder: which is the best portable sound system?

The question is more complex than it may seem at first glance; the first thing to understand is in which of the 2 macro categories our portable audio system is located.

Does the portable audio system need to be brought to a place and then used?

Does the portable voice system need to be transported while it is operating?


Already from this first division we understand that it will not be easy to find your way around this complicated world of professional portable audio systems, that needs will start to be manifold; the system must be transportable, portable, wireless, Wi-fi, light, full range, with loudspeakers for the voice, with loudspeakers of great power, or with great range, or with great duration of autonomy. Etc. etc.


Based on these answers or needs, the best portable audio product is born. Technologies today are within everyone's reach, it is a matter, “simplifying” the concept of professional audio, of combine these technologies in a single transportable audio system.
Let's analyze which technologies must surely coexist in a single product:
battery powered,
a mixer,
a power amplifier,
a transducer
and here it is, your audio system is ready.

All this intro to make people think that the portable audio products offered by Fulgor Service are professional and arise from specific needs, with features studied down to the smallest details or terms.

Let's start with the audio systems that must be transported while amplifying.

Fulgor Service launched the first transportable professional amplifier on the market in 1988.

To date, the system has evolved, an ECO series has emerged.

The technical characteristics that determine the series of portable amplifiers are:

* maximum lightness
* portability
* versatility
* minimum dimensions
* robustness
* long service life
* fast charge
* new generation batteries
* completely wireless, via radio
* modularity

All these features serve that customer who needs sound or amplify a more or less long procession with a portable audio system, which must always be ready for use with maximum operating power, with minimum weight and absorption, easy to use with all the elements incorporated in its aluminum shaft. In addition, a professional portable system with these characteristics is often used to sound large open spaces, fields, courtyard, squares, etc.

This transportable audio system, created for processions, being very versatile, has also been used in outdoor masses, oratories, playgrounds, for various religious functions.

Being a system composed of portable wireless, modular and professional devices, it is possible to connect them together in order to amplify the largest processions imaginable. The processors can be connected to Wi-fi audio systems in fixed structures, from where it is possible to transmit the signal, or receive the audio of the procession.

Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, the portable audio system has also been requested for other types of professional uses, by sports coaches, for team sports, such as football, where there is a need to impart technical strategies on large surfaces.

For various types of outdoor and indoor events, from election rallies up to civil protection, which in case of emergency needs to inform or impart communications to the population or its employees.
In short, practically where good speech quality is required with minimal effort for transport, with great autonomy.