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Portable audio systems
Personal portable amplifiers – Portable amplifiers

Which is the best portable sound system?

The question divides into 2 macro categories which portable audio system we are looking for:

Does the portable voice system need to be transported while it is operating?
Does the portable audio system need to be brought to a place and then used?

As explained previously in the processional category, we now analyze a portable audio system that must work after being transported.


The technical characteristics that determine the self-powered speakers are:

* great powers
* high sound quality
* robustness
* long service life
* fast charge
* possibility of operation also at 230V
* new generation batteries
* completely wireless, via radio

Here we enter a totally different world compared to processionals, where in any case they steal a part of the market from these audio systems, because in many uses portable systems that work while being transported, if used on stands, are often cheaper and more versatile.


So, let's talk about battery-powered audio systems with important audio quality and high power. It is immediately understood that the weight of this product will be high compared to a similar product powered at 230V, because to generate power and quality we need powerful batteries, an adequate charging system, transducers of considerable size, at least a Woofer and a Tweeter and an adequate power amplifier.

At this point the portable system is delineated, weight will not be its fundamental characteristic, but it cannot weigh too much, it must be powerful, and it must work for at least 4 hours to meet every need.


Being a battery powered audio system (therefore it will work where there is no current), then all the devices cannot work, therefore they must be incorporated into the wireless speaker. So, let's start delineating our powered transportable product to which, in addition to the components mentioned above, you will need to add other accessories, including CD players, USB, Smart Cards, professional wireless microphone, a mixer to make the system compact, professional and wireless.


At this point we have delineated our professional product with its characteristics. The acoiustic speaker works wirelessly, with batteries, with all the device accessories incorporated, with good autonomy, excellent sound quality, and that can be carried. This active wireless speaker with batteries is the perfect solution for traveling shows, busker shows, nouveau cirque, shows of all kinds set in outdoor or unconventional places. In places where there is no possibility of having electricity, such as for gymnastic activities, or sporting events, or for temporary use of rallies, masses of all kinds.