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Our professional wireless column speakers are amplified and can be moved, are autonomous and completely "wireless".

Our Wi-fi speakers do not require any installation of audio cables, nor electrical outlets near the speaker as they are completely self-powered.

They are controlled remotely and after use you can offer assistance thanks to the base equipped with wheels.

Thanks to their exclusive characteristics, they are visible only at the moment of use, therefore they can be perfectly integrated in any environment where, for related or artistic reasons, installation is not normally possible.

Calling our speakers “wireless” is an understatement because they have an elegant design, aluminum structure, excellent reproduction of voice and music, irradiation lobe and high directivity.

The wireless column speakers are suitable for use in places of worship, congress halls, council halls etc. where, in addition to the acoustic quality, a refined and discreet aesthetic is required, which can be easily integrated into existing furnishings.

Thanks to the high directivity of the emission lobe, the loudspeaker can also be used in acoustically "difficult" environments with high reverberation times.

Thanks to their characteristics, the professional wireless column speakers are able to improve speech intelligibility even in environments with particularly critical acoustic conditions with high RT60 responses.

The use of a robust structure and the addition of sound-absorbing material, together with the quality of the speakers (mod. FS 1340 connected with low impedance), the addition of our wireless arrays the loudspeakers and the high efficiency of particular value and technologically advanced makes this product appreciated above all by engineers, architects and designers.

Our professional wireless column speakers on request can be included in an extended range of RAL color components for complete integration in environments with particular needs.