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Professional audio system and technologies for voice diffusion

FULGOR SERVICE is an Italian company specialized in the realization of professional voice diffusion and acoustic treatment in reverberant structures. Established in 1985, today it boasts experience of over 30 years of leadership in the field of amplification of Sacred buildings on three continents.

FULGOR SERVICE makes available to the customer the experience in the specific area combined with advanced technology acquired over the years, this allows to obtain an harmonious relationship between the voice, the aesthetics of the structure and ease of use of the system, thus meeting any requirement.

Leader nell’amplificazione in edifici Sacri

Over the years FULGOR SERVICE has designed and built numerous products without interrupting the activity of their Study & Research department; products which has now become indispensable for the professional voice distribution in any building or open space; another division of FULGOR SERVICE technical staff works constantly in audio system design for newly constructed and/or being restored, in partnership with professionals, Department of Fine Arts and Architects, to design and realize the best result as possible, respecting the style and the aesthetics of the structure to be sonorized.

The market success of FULGOR SERVICE is also due to its company policy: in fact, FULGOR SERVICE thanks to its Study & Design department, produces and installs its own products or products of the major world brands, analyzing the individual needs and providing a project for the single installation, remaining constantly in contact with the customers. A real success, confirmed by the over 15,000 installations built in Catholic Churches and various structures around the world and by portable amplifiers for processions, born in 1988 and evolving very rapidly.

FULGOR SERVICE products are designed, tested and manufactured directly in its factory in Arcola (La Spezia), with Italian materials and highly skilled workmanship, this makes it possible to achieve targeted solutions by making changes also to standard products based on the customer’s particular needs.

From several years FULGOR SERVICE is a licensee of the software suite EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) which has become essential for the simulation of electro-acoustic systems.

The EASE software suite contains a valuable set of tools for studying, modeling and realistic simulation of the acoustic response of a sound system in a given environment, providing a comprehensive full audio analysis of detailed graphics.

Main EASE simulation advantages:

  • provide customers with a realistic anticipation of the electro-acoustic behavior of the system;
  • use the standard SPL measurement parameters, TSI, etc.
  • highlight any problems impossible to evaluate without simulation;
  • analyze and solve acoustic problems before they occur.

In the EASE software there is a library of the world’s largest companies speakers, these can be entered with the program in the structures to understand the effective functioning of the audio system; this library also includes our Vertical, high range Fulgor Service speakers.

FULGOR SERVICE today can boast a long tradition of Italian professionalism and quality, it is installed throughout Italy and distributed by a sales network in various parts of the world, thanks to a network of 50 professional collaborators kept constantly updated by the parent company.

In Fulgor Service mind “Technology is to make complex action simple”.