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Directivity is one of the Fulgor Service audio systems with control of the directivity of the emission lobe or sound beam. The Directivity system is highly professional and consists of three main elements:
• Column speakers (array speakers)

  • DSP dedicated audio signal processor with algorithm to drive the sound beam
  • 6-channel 150W RMS class D power amplifier

The technology of the Directivity system allows you to sonorize large environments with difficult acoustics, obtaining clear and intelligible audio, thanks to the algorithm that manages the proprietary D&D control software. This allows you to drive the audio energy emission of the array both on the vertical (X) and horizontal (Y) axis, so as to acoustically cover
only the desired listening area and to not generate harmful audio reflections.
The Directivity speaker is composed of groups of speakers connected separately to each other but mounted in a single body in order to form the desired array.

The power of the power amplifiers managed by the powerful processor DSP ends the process, guaranteeing sound, audio, intelligibility within large environments or wide spaces characterized by phenomena of multiple highest level reflections, the whole process can be measured with the most sophisticated acoustic analysis systems like STI-PA.

Particularly inexpensive (for being a highly professional system) and incredibly reliable, thanks to the choice of keeping the electronics not on board the column speaker, the Directivity System is practically always a winner when you have to sound at high levels up to 45 meters.