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Magnetic induction systems (Hearing Loop)

What is an induction ring loop system for?

People with hearing impairments or hard of hearing, who wear a magnetic induction system which is the most used technology, upon entering this magnetic area will receive a sound free of background noise and calibrated according to the personal needs of the person who will wear an acoustic device. This system provides a magnetic signal that is taken up by an auditory prosthesis equipped with “telecoil”.

Thanks to this simple technology it is possible to increase the intelligibility and consequently the user’s hearing experience in many areas of everyday life.

Sistemi ad induzione magnetica
Hearing Loop by Univox

What tools are needed for the operation of a magnetic induction system?

A magnetic amplification system for hearing aids, called a loop system, or inductive ring or simply loop, must have the following components:

  1. an audio signal source, which can be:
    • a microphone
    • a television
    • an home radio or dolby system
    • a professional audio system for conferences, cinemas, churches, etc. etc.
  2. the signal processor or amplifier
  3. the loop cable that delimits the specific zone of operation of the magnetic signal, to automatically activate the hearing aids.

Fulgor Service has specialized in the “LOOP”, that is a magnetic induction system that makes communication accessible to people with hearing impairment and hearing aid wearers.

The inductive LOOP allows the automatic connection of the hearing aid with an audio system, allowing, in the enabled area, perfect listening to who is speaking.

With the development of these technologies, we have now come to extend the use of this system also to demarcated areas: taxis, post offices, office desks, etc.

Fulgor Service boasts many years of experience in the design, construction and installation of these systems.

It currently collaborates in synergy with one of the largest companies operating in the production sector of these devices worldwide, thus being able to offer appropriate solutions for every customer request, satisfying any of their needs

Applicazione dei sistemi ad induzione magnetica