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Active column speaker category

Fulgor Service produces the best professional active column audio speakers on the market today, considering the quality/price ratio and the unique and proprietary technology that digital speakers work with a common bipolar wire. All the speakers are equipped with DSP, they are divided into 2 categories, those controlled by the beam and those without directivity control.

The main features shared by all active Fulgor Service loudspeakers

In both categories all the column audio speakers are formed by speakers mounted in arrays, therefore the line arrays are more or less high according to the needs or characteristics. The speakers that make up the speakers are assembled with 3.5-inch transducers with self-supporting basket specially designed to reproduce the specific frequencies of the voice and have maximum speech intelligibility in every structure.

These professional audio speakers are studied, designed and manufactured for installations.

Both categories of passive professional audio speakers are designed to be installed in churches or places of worship, conference rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms, call systems, wired radio systems, in short where there is the need to have maximum intelligibility of speech with minimal aesthetic dimensions.

The active column speaker design is important for both sound and aesthetics

All active loudspeaker models are aesthetically the same, using the same materials, the extruded aluminum back which guarantees the acoustic box, the calendered and stretched wire mesh which guarantees the maximum vacuum surface so as not to alter the sound waves output, but at the same time to protect the precious 3.5-inch self-supporting speakers. On Activo lines we only use 60W polypropylene speakers. The mechanical and constructive quality and the components guarantee the inalterability of the sound for a very long time even in the most critical environments.


The active column speaker category Vertical Activo S - L - XL

Let's discover the first category of active speakers Vertical Activo S - L - XL. All three models inside have the same electronics with a DSP on board and the proprietary operating system (with a bipolar cable for power and signal). The Activo S model inside has 4 3.5-inch transducers, the Activo L model has 9 speakers and the Activo XL model has 12 of them inside, consequently the length of the array of the three models changes. These column speakers are particularly suitable for installations of multipoint audio systems. The real innovation and strength of the speaker, or better of the system, is that it does not need to rewire the structure because the Vertical Activo works with a common bipolar cable "usually already existing in the old 100V system". So, once the speakers are installed, just set all the DSPs of the Activo speakers one by one, changing, where necessary, the volume or equalization but above all the delay, in order to phase the sound of all the speakers. In this way, the energy emitted by each column speaker will add up without reflections or overlaps, with a perfect and homogeneous but above all intelligible sound level. Without creating further reverberations within the structure where the system is working.

These digital active column speakers are suitable for multipoint audio systems, they are used in medium and high professional level audio systems. The speakers are set up via a specially designed controller, or via a free downloadable APP on both Android and IOS systems.

The Vertical Activo Focus column speaker category

The second category of active column audio speakers is called Vertical Activo Focus, more simply called only FOCUS, these professional digital active speakers controlling the sound beam do not accept compromises, in fact thanks to the combination of a mechanical array and proprietary technology they guarantee Focus an impressive sound directivity, due not only to the construction mechanics but also thanks to an algorithm that controls the powerful DSP that manages the multiple class D amplifier. The project was born after the success of the Vertical Activo column line, the market has requested an efficient and practical product that interfaces with Activo system, therefore the Focus speaker works with a single bipolar cable, with all the functions of the Activo speakers, with the additional feature of the directivity or Beam control. In fact, emitting a directional sound lobe called Focus, on the vertical axis with very few degrees of opening, while on the horizontal axis it is very large, the Focus speaker gives the installer the possibility to lower the lobe up to 10° even with higher frequencies. Thanks to the design features listed above, a single Vertical Activo Focus speaker manages to control the sound beam or audio range up to a distance of more than 20 meters with a maximum Focus angle of 10°. Guaranteeing speech intelligibility, warm and natural tone, even in large acoustically difficult structures, without acoustic insulation. The digital speakers Focus, as for the Activo, use the same setting system, it takes place via a specially designed controller, or through an APP that can be downloaded free of charge on both Android and IOS systems.

Focus speakers mount single 3.5-inch 60W RMS 8 Ohm polypropylene speakers with the soft suspension that guarantees a high mechanical stroke for decidedly important performances, suitable for advanced professional monopoint or multipoint audio systems where directivity is needed, range and uncompromising quality.

In the world of professional audio, the user or the designer needs to be able to insert active speakers in audio projects

On the site you will also find the .GGL files of all the speakers, where you can virtually insert them into your acoustics sound projects to have a scientific proof of the efficiency of the various professional active speakers; attention not to be confused with acoustic soundproofing, which is always within the site in a specific section with special materials called Controltec.